My life...

is usually painted with weird

28 August 1981
Just here on this planet to do my time and hopefully encounter a new life at the end of this one. I work in the food industry, cause I love the foods and find it interesting to know from where all the lovely stuff in the supermarkets originate. Next to my J.O.B. I like to fill my life with the following: Music (mostly K-pop but I like to be enticed to listening the raw sounds of Rammstein, Within Tempation and sorts), reading (mostly fanfics now), writing (again mostly fanfics), my horse, my cats, my friends and general lazying about ^^

The Rising gods of the east have risen in my heart as well. Their music, their Korean as their Japanese, live or lipsynched and both acapella and SMP, makes my heart sore. Seriously...
I love them even more for all their humbleness.
They've been around for six years now and still they act like they are just the newbies in town, every day (and night) still learning. The respect they show, towards older artist but also starting new artists, sets the example for others to follow. They make me feel proud to be a fan.